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Sterile Super Glue16 March, 2014
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Sterile Super Glue vs. Suture Repair for a Nail Bed Injury

Crushing of one’s fingertip can lead to unsightly deformity of the nail or loss of nail altogether.  If the end bone or tuft of the finger or thumb is broken and the bone displaced, rupture of the nail bed is pretty much guaranteed.  If just broken or slightly crushed at the very tip, typically the nail bed is not involved.  Elevation of the nail off of the sterile matrix (nail bed) allows direct suture repair under magnification usually with dissolving sutures, but a prospective randomized controlled trial of sterile super glue (DermaBond) was published in the Journal of Hand Surgery in February 2008 by Dr. EJ Strauss, et al.  Use of the DermaBond was fast and provided a similar cosmetic result.  If you crush your finger badly, make sure attention is given to the nail bed to avoid unsightly deformity or snagging of the nail on clothing, etc. It is easier to treat it early and get a good result than to try and reconstruct it later. 

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