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Cubital Tunnel Testimonials

Non-Operative Treatment of Cubital Tunnel

As a computer engineer I thought I had carpal tunnel as it's an occupational hazard. For me, there was numbness in my baby finger and half my ring finger. I was tested using a sensory test and when Dr. Ichtertz tapped my funny bone, the tingle was pretty intense. Dr. Ichtertz provided me with a brace ( in fact I was suffering cubital) which I wore for a few weeks and now I sleep holding a pillow which prevents me from sleeping directly on my arm or folding it up tightly. That was about 6 weeks ago and now I am near symptom free! Thank you Dr. Ichtertz!

- Greg Fyn            


Right Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
& Cubital Decompression


"I am 2000% better! All the hand pain is gone and I rested well the first night."

- ECTR & Cubital Tunnel Patient


Right ECTR & Cubital Decompression

Left ECTR & Cubital Decompression

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