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My Approach to Treating Patients

The practice emphasis is on diagnosis and treatment of compressed nerves resulting in discomfort and/or limitation of activity. Minimally invasive surgical techniques (arthroscopy and other percutaneous methods) are emphasized in solving hand, elbow and shoulder and knee problems thus minimizing discomfort and accelerating recovery.

Treatment is founded on scientific principles and applied as I would want for myself or my family. Using this approach involves thorough patient education including custom illustrated brochures, videos, and this website. This has consistently resulted in an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction without "breaking the bank."

On site x-ray and state-of-the-art electrodiagnostic equipment and Pressure Specified Sensory Device allows on the spot convenience and thoroughness.

Medical Records

It is important to maintain accurate, thorough medical records when caring for people particularly when their problems are complex or when their health has complicated issues. We have our own proprietary electronic medical record keeping and use custom transcription, not cookbook, pre-printed documents. Though this adds significantly to our overhead, I feel it maintains a much better record and allows for more accurate communication with other doctors involved in the care of the same patient. Your confidentiality is respected. However, because of the cost of managing files and record production/duplication, there is a charge for records reproduction/duplication.

Patient Satisfaction with treatments for Dupuytren's Disease

Collagenase rather than Surgery - that is the question

Computers and CTS - Is there an association?

Review of a recent study on the use of computers and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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