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I had symptoms since age 35, I am now 68. I have worked in offices in various positions my whole life. If I had known there would be this much improvement, I would not have waited so long to do it (ECTR). The thumb that had been hurting all along has not hurt since immediately after surgery months ago.

 - W. Jean Daniell                       


Right and left endoscopic carpal tunnel release
"I have been a hair stylist for 22 years. Working with my hands is very important. When I went back to work three days after surgery (ECTR), I was able to do everything. I highly recommend Dr. Ichtertz."

- Cosmetologist                     

Right & Left Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Right Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
& Cubital Decompression

Right Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release 
& Basilar Thumb Arthoplasty with Tendon Graft
Several years ago while being towed behind a boat, I held on too tightly to the rope and severly injured my left wrist. My local doctor in Kansas recommended Dr. Dolf Ichtertz in Nebraska. As a baton twirler I need both wrists and because Dr. Ichtertz repaired both wrists-(ECTR)- I am able to twirl again! I was selected as the 2008 Ms. Senior Kansas and I will go to Atlantic City, New Jersey October 2008 for the Ms. Senior America Pageant. I will be twirling two batons, ribbons chain flag, two knives and a lighted baton to "Danger Zone" from Top Gun for the talent part. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ichtertz for the excellent surgery he did on my wrist and making it possible for me to twirl at age 66!


-  Glenda Torkelson, Horton Kansas
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As a computer engineer I thought I had carpal tunnel as it's an occupational hazard. For me, there was numbness in my baby finger and half my ring finger. I was tested using a sensory test and when Dr. Ichtertz tapped my funny bone, the tingle was pretty intense. Dr. Ichtertz provided me with a brace ( in fact I was suffering cubital) which I wore for a few weeks and now I sleep holding a pillow which prevents me from sleeping directly on my arm or folding it up tightly. That was about 6 weeks ago and now I am near symptom free! Thank you Dr. Ichtertz!

- Greg Fyn                      

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