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"Before surgery I could hardly do anything with my hand. I couldn't sleep and it was hard for me to keep hold of things in my hand. I trusted Dr. Ichtertz to perform surgery on my only hand (my other hand was amputated years ago). Now, just days after surgery, I can do anything. I just can't believe how easy it was. I am not having any pain; there is just a little soreness when I bend the wrist."
- ECTR Patient

"I had been out of work for over three months with carpal tunnel syndrome. It got to the point where it was hard to even brush my teeth. Dr. Ichtertz did my surgery (ECTR) on both hands on Friday (a few hours after surgery my hands felt better) and I was back to work on Monday. I have had no problems at all after surgery. I recommend Dr. Ichtertz with no hesitation."
- Small Animal Handler

"I highly recommend Dr. Ichtertz. I felt very comfortable having the surgery done here. His excellent staff assists at every turn and puts your fears to rest. Thank you Dr. Ichtertz and staff for giving me normal range of motion without pain and numbness."
- ECTR Patient

"I am very pleased with the results (ECTR). I had been treated by physicians, including a neurologist and a physical therapist without results. I am very thankful to Dr. Ichtertz for a solution to my problem."
- Corn Press Lead Maintenance

"I was able to play in the band two days after ECTR surgery."
- ECTR Patient

"I had almost full use of my hand and returned to work virtually pain free within two days! I did not require any pain medication. I recommend without hesitation Dr. Ichtertz to anyone needing carpal tunnel relief."
- Medical Transcriptionist

"I'm a nurse and had both hands done endoscopically the same day in his office, pulled weeds the next day. They feel perfect!"
- Registered Nurse

"Anyone considering carpal tunnel release should first talk to Dr. Ichtertz. I had bilateral ECTR. I personally lost no time from work and had a quick and basically pain free recovery."
- ECTR Patient


"I am 2000% better! All the hand pain is gone and I rested well the first night."
- ECTR & Cubital Tunnel Patient

"I am a machine operator for a large manufacturing firm. For a few years on a progressive basis, my right hand and arm were painful and becoming progressively weaker. I had to rely predominantly on my left hand. My small finger had become completely numb. There was immediate reduction in pain and the sensibility had returned to normal in my hand. After three months, I couldn't be happier."
- Machine Operator

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