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Raynaud’s Syndrome

-Is it related to carpal tunnel syndrome? -Can the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome eliminate Raynaud’s?

Carpal Tunnel Relief for Paraplegics

There is a controversy about how patients treated for carpal tunnel syndrome who depend on being able to operate indepen...

Physicians Responsibility

I have a hard time believing that board-certified doctors can’t clarify issues with patients...

My first carpal tunnel surgery was open release. I was in heavy bandages for about two weeks. It hurt a great deal for a long time. Could not eat with my right hand at all. It was very awkward. Couldn’t do much of anything for nearly three weeks.

When I had my second carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand by Dr. Ichtertz it was so different. I had bandages for a couple days and then it was more like bandaids! I could use my hand (carefully!) almost immediately. The difference was unbelievable! Wish I had found Dr. Ichtertz for the first surgery.

Dr. Ichtertz was also available to fix trigger finger—my left hand little finger. Cleared up right away. Thank you, Doctor.

- J. Malot                  

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My staff and I at the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C. believe that prevention and elimination of painful or debilitating conditions of the upper and lower extremities can consistently be achieved. Our success is made by a strong effort at patient education via frequently updated brochures, video and verbal instruction, and ongoing clinical outcomes research. We bring these services to you for sports injury, fracture, nerve entrapment and arthritis at four convenient locations across Nebraska.

Efforts by my staff and I in improving outcomes have led to offering a host of the least invasive, minimally uncomfortable treatment options. These are rarely offered elsewhere for problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome (endoscopic carpal tunnel release), tennis elbow (percutaneous elbow tenotomy), trigger finger (percutaneous A-1 pulley release), Dupuytren's contracture (percutaneous fascial band release), wrist arthritis and painful wrist instability (percutaneous wrist denervation) along with a variety of arthroscopic procedures for the shoulder, knee, and wrist.  

In fact, Dr. Ichtertz was among the first involved in arthroscopic meniscal repair (1984), arthroscopic wrist surgery (1986) and has been doing arthroscopic shoulder surgery since 1985. You have come to the right site. Dr. Ichtertz has broad-based experience with the most modern techniques for common and unusual problems of the upper and lower extremities. We have the only pressure-specified sensory device in the state of Nebraska to help in the diagnosis and treatment of tarsal tunnel syndrome, particularly in diabetics. Total joint replacement for arthritis of the major joints of the body is also offered.

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