Suffering from Shoulder Discomfort in Nebraska?

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Persistent shoulder pain doesn't just affect your daily activities — it can hinder your overall quality of life. However, you don't have to suffer. Timely and professional help is available in Nebraska!

At Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, our shoulder orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ichtertz, utilizes advanced techniques to treat an array of shoulder issues in Lincoln, Omaha and Grand Island, Nebraska.

Our shoulder treatment services include:

Don't let your shoulder pain persist — reach out to our shoulder specialist today for effective shoulder pain treatment.

Experiencing Unexplained Shoulder Pain?

At Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, we understand that unexplained shoulder pain can be a cause for concern. This pain often stems from issues with the rotator cuff or biceps tendon, degenerative arthritis of the main shoulder joint, or the acromioclavicular joint located at the top of your shoulder.

Shoulder Pain from Injuries

A seemingly minor mishap, like a fall or a sudden jolt, can lead to severe injuries such as a ruptured tendon or a deformity in the muscle (also known as a Popeye muscle). This often comes with weakness and loss of motion. Immediate attention is crucial, especially in cases of a full rotator cuff tear, which requires repair within weeks of the injury.

Don't Wait to Treat your Shoulder Pain

At Nebraska Hand and Shoulder Institute, we advocate for prompt intervention. If you're grappling with persistent shoulder pain or are finding it hard to raise your arm, it's critical to consult with our shoulder specialist within the first month of injury. This proactive approach helps prevent irreversible damage to your rotator cuff tendon and supports successful shoulder treatment.

Don't endure discomfort; contact our shoulder orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ichtertz, now. Serving Lincoln, Omaha, and Grand Island in Nebraska, our expertise in shoulder pain treatment is unmatched. Act now for your well-being.

Commonly Treated Shoulder Conditions