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Living with chronic pain can be an incredibly exhausting and frustrating experience that can put a real damper on one's quality of life. Fortunately, there is hope for those who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Dolf R. Ichtertz, leading orthopedic surgeon in Lincoln, has played a pivotal role in advancing the field of hand surgery while excelling in the treatment of a diverse array of orthopaedic issues.

Instead of just treating the symptoms, Dr. Ichtertz takes a personalized approach to help his patients regain strength, mobility, and vitality. Whether you are dealing with joint pain, a sports injury, or the effects of arthritis, you can trust the expertise of Lincoln's top orthopedic doctor to help you live a more pain-free life.

When you visit our Lincoln location at the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, rest assured that your consultation won't involve being passed off to a physician's assistant. Dr. Ichtertz takes the time to personally meet with every patient, guaranteeing a distinctive and impactful experience with direct interaction with a highly skilled surgeon. Experience for yourself the benefits of one-on-one consultations with our expert surgeon!

Where Are You Experiencing Pain?


Your hands are crucial for performing everyday tasks, and any discomfort or pain can significantly impact your daily routine. If you're experiencing hand pain in Lincoln, NE, you can find relief with the help of a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Ichtertz is a leading orthopedic doctor in the region who can accurately diagnose and treat hand conditions to maintain your hand function and appearance.

Dr. Ichtertz uses modern techniques like endoscopic carpal tunnel release, percutaneous trigger finger release, and wrist denervation to alleviate your hand pain and prevent the need for joint replacement. Don't let hand pain hold you back from performing your daily tasks. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ichtertz today and take the first step towards a pain-free life.


If you're experiencing wrist pain, it's crucial not to ignore the issue. Common causes of wrist pain, including arthritis, falls resulting in fractures or ligament damage, wrist clots and pressure, are expertly addressed by Dr. Dolf R. Ichtertz, Lincoln's top orthopedic surgeon and hand surgery specialist. He is particularly skilled in treating conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar wrist pain, tendonitis, wrist fractures, and ganglion cysts of the wrist.

Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C. in Lincoln can help you with your wrist pain. Allow Dr. Ichtertz to personally consult with you, offering tailored treatment options crafted for optimal and swift recovery. Don't let a bum wrist hold you back - seek help today and get back to living your life to the fullest.


Are you facing challenges with your elbow? Many individuals encounter similar concerns.These problems can range from a loss of motion to severe pain. Fortunately, the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C. in Lincoln is available to help. We have extensive experience in treating various conditions such as tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, and elbow arthritis.


Do you find yourself grappling with enduring shoulder pain that disrupts your daily routine and hinders your enjoyment of activities? You're not alone. Recognizing the debilitating impact of shoulder pain, the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute provides a range of treatment options aimed at alleviating your discomfort. 

Our team of experts specializes in treating various shoulder problems, such as impingement syndrome, torn rotator cuffs, arthritis, frozen shoulder, instability, and biceps tendonosis. Don't let shoulder pain hinder your life any longer. Contact us today to initiate your journey towards a pain-free life.

Our Approach Makes All the Difference

Looking for the right orthopaedic surgeon or doctor can be a daunting task. However, at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C., we understand the challenge and strive to offer exceptional care to each of our patients.Our approach revolves around treatment plans  that emphasize minimal downtime, eliminate unnecessary expensive tests and procedures, and facilitate a speedy recovery often without the involvement of physical therapy.

We believe that education and continuous clinical outcome research are crucial components of helping our patients recover from painful or debilitating conditions like nerve entrapment, sports injuries, fractures, and arthritis. With three easily accessible locations across Nebraska, we are committed to providing high-quality care. At Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C., our approach makes all the difference.

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If you are experiencing joint pain that is hindering your daily routine, you no longer have to suffer silently. The Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute is available to assist you. Our team of experts is committed to providing empathetic care to those struggling with hand and upper extremity conditions.

Neglecting your symptoms may result in further complications in the future, whereas taking action now can help you obtain the relief you deserve. So, why wait? Schedule your appointment today and let us assist you in feeling like yourself once again.


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