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Living with chronic pain can feel like an endless battle, but there is hope for those who struggle with musculoskeletal conditions. Meet Dr. Dolf R. Ichtertz, the top orthopedic surgeon and hand surgery specialist in Grand Island. Dr. Ichtertz is dedicated to restoring his patients' strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

With his board-certified expertise, he can treat a wide range of orthopedic problems, from joint pain to sports injuries to the effects of arthritis. If you're looking for personalized care and a path to recovery, you can trust Dr. Ichtertz to provide you with the best possible care. Say goodbye to living in pain and hello to a better quality of life with Dr. Ichtertz's help.

When you visit our Grand Island, Nebraska location at the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, you can be confident that your consultation won't entail being directed to a physician's assistant. Dr. Ichtertz dedicates personal time to meet with each patient, ensuring a unique and impactful experience that involves direct interaction with a highly skilled surgeon. Discover firsthand the advantages of one-on-one consultations with our expert surgeon!

Where Are You Experiencing Pain?


Your hands play a crucial role in your daily life, from simple tasks such as writing with a pencil to more complex activities like playing a musical instrument. However, dealing with hand pain can significantly impact your daily routine. Fortunately, Grand Island, NE has access to some of the best orthopedic doctors in the area. Dr. Ichtertz is a highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon in Grand Island who specializes in treating hand and wrist injuries.

Dr. Ichtertz's clinic offers advanced techniques such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release, percutaneous trigger finger release, and wrist denervation to relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing. You don't have to suffer in silence anymore. Let Dr. Ichtertz help you regain function and alleviate any pain in your hands.


If you experience pain or discomfort in your hand or wrist, it is essential not to ignore it. You may be suffering from various conditions such as arthritis, broken bones, ligament damage, wrist clots, wrist pressure, Preiser's Syndrome, or ganglion, which require immediate medical attention to avoid further complications.

Fortunately, Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C. in Grand Island has a team of qualified physicians and surgeons who specialize in treating hand and wrist injuries. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure a speedy recovery and full functionality of your hand and wrist. Don't let your wrist injury hold you back any longer. Contact Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute today to schedule your consultation.


Do you experience any issues with your elbow that adversely affect your daily life and hinder your ability to perform even the simplest tasks? If so, you don't have to suffer in silence. Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C. in Grand Island can come to your rescue. Our team of skilled physicians specialize in treating tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, and elbow arthritis.


If you are experiencing shoulder pain in Grand Island, you should know that it can be one of the most incapacitating types of pain, making it difficult to perform daily tasks such as sleeping or playing sports. You are not alone, though. The Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute is here to assist you with a team of experts who can treat a wide range of shoulder issues, including impingement syndrome, torn rotator cuffs, and other conditions.

We are aware of the disruptive effect that persistent shoulder pain can have on your life, which is why we are committed to helping you find relief quickly and effectively. You don't have to bear the burden of shoulder pain in silence. Contact the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute today to start your journey towards a pain-free life.

Our Approach Makes All the Difference

Finding a qualified orthopedic surgeon or doctor in Grand Island can be overwhelming. That's why, at the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C., we strive to provide excellent care and customized treatment options for each of our patients.

We focus on preventing and eliminating painful or debilitating conditions through patient education and continuous clinical outcomes research. Whether you have a sports injury, fracture, nerve entrapment, or arthritis, we can help you recover. With three convenient locations across Nebraska, we are committed to providing the highest quality care possible.

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Are you struggling with joint pain that's affecting your daily life? If so, it's time to take action. Contact the Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced orthopedic surgeons or doctors in Grand Island.

We specialize in treating hand and upper extremity conditions and can help you find relief from your discomfort. Ignoring your symptoms may lead to more significant problems in the future, so don't delay any further. Book an appointment with us now and take the first step towards restoring your overall health and well-being.


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