Innovative Solutions for Wrist Pain at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder

At Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, we are committed to providing a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for those experiencing wrist pain. Our skilled team, equipped with advanced technology and a profound knowledge of musculoskeletal health, is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating wrist conditions. Our goal is to help patients regain full movement and strength potential.

Whether it's a chronic condition like carpal tunnel syndrome or an acute injury from a fall, our tailored approaches prioritize patient comfort and long-term health, making us a trusted partner in your journey to recovery.

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Understanding the Complex Issues of Wrist Pain

Your wrist is complex, composed of multiple bones and ligaments, each susceptible to various conditions and injuries. Arthritis (in its many forms), ligament tear, or even a broken bone triggered by a seemingly inconsequential fall are just a few possibilities. Dr. Ichtertz at one of our Nebraska locations can accurately diagnose and treat these concerns. 

Wrist Clots and Wrist Pressure

The frequent pounding of your hand may lead to a clot in the wrist's main artery, especially if you're a smoker. This condition, hypothenar hammer syndrome, can cause extreme pain and small ulcers on your fingertips. Meanwhile, median nerve pressure could result in carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by pain, numbness, tingling, and clumsiness. By choosing the Omaha wrist specialists at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder, you can alleviate these issues.

Treatment for Preiser's Syndrome

Preiser's syndrome, triggered by blood supply loss to your wrist's main bone (scaphoid), causes significant pain on the thumb side of your wrist. Kienböck's "disease" arises from the loss of blood supply to the lunate on the pinky side of your wrist. The most frequently broken wrist bone–the scaphoid–often goes undiagnosed in the initial weeks following injury. Prompt attention from a wrist surgeon can identify and correct these issues.

Nerve Pain: Ganglion and Its Effects

A ganglion, or lump, on the top side of your wrist, may pinch the posterior interosseous nerve (PIN), leading to localized pain. A wrist doctor specializing in such conditions can help bring relief.

Your Pain Relief is Our Priority

With over 30 years of experience applying minimally invasive techniques and specialized arthroscopic procedures, Dr. Ichtertz, your go-to wrist specialist in Nebraska, boasts an impressive success rate when it comes to pain elimination. The experts at Nebraska Hand & Shoulder Institute, P.C., specialize in providing solutions for hand, wrist, and elbow pain, as well as performing surgeries for rotator cuff and carpal tunnel syndromes.

Our focus is on reducing or completely eliminating your painful conditions. We tailor our treatment plans to suit your unique situation and lifestyle. We promise swift recovery times, often enabling patients to return to work the same day or after treatment.

For in-depth information, contact us. Our evaluation process includes x-ray imaging, nerve conduction study, and grip and pinch measurements. Our expert team is here to help you overcome your wrist problems with our unique solutions.