So you think platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will help your arthritis

February 16, 2017

Fly-by-night marketing attempts even occur in medical field! For the past 20 years there has been a plethora of questionable studies suggesting that possibly hyaluronic acid originally derived from rooster comb could benefit arthritic joints (sold as Synvisc, Hyalgan and Euflexxa, etc.). Careful research discloses that actually, it is a…

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Patient Satisfaction with Treatments for Dupuytren's Disease

October 24, 2016

Patient Satisfaction with Collagenase rather than Surgery for Dupuytren's Disease Collagenase injection for mild to moderate Dupuytren's contracture is used to rupture the Dupuytren's cord and improve the posture of one's finger without actual removal of the otherwise prominent disease. A study by Witthaut reported 71% of patients being very…

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Computers and CTS - Is there an association?

October 17, 2016

Computers and CTS - Is there an association? To date I have been unconvinced from the literature and personal experience that use of computers ties to the development or progression of carpal tunnel syndrome. An article by Mediouni, Bodin and Dale published in the British Medical Journal Open in 2015,…

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Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

August 15, 2016

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release (ECTR) is preferred over mini-open release. Despite the overwhelming advantage of endoscopic carpal tunnel release over open technique which involves much greater tissue injury, discomfort, and delay in return to work, there is still a controversy among many surgeons- most of them don't offer state-of-the-art care…

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