Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

There is a controversy as to whether rotator cuff repairs done arthroscopically should be done with a single row of suture anchors or two rows, i.e., double row.  Investigators promoting the double-row technique have yet to prove a benefit and justify the cost.  Among the most experienced arthroscopic surgeons in…

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Shoulder Diagnoses

“Which physical examination tests provide clinicians with the most value when examining the shoulder?” Update of a systematic review with metanalysis of individual tests. An extremely thorough analysis of the all of the medical literature on medical tests for shoulder problems was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine,…

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The Neck & Shoulder Pathology Masquerade

“Neck-Shoulder Crossover- How often do neck and shoulder pathology masquerade as each other?” By Sembrano, M.D., et al., American Journal of Orthopaedics, September 2013 In a university setting 694 new patients were evaluated between a shoulder clinic and a spine clinic. One out of 25 patients were identified wherein the…

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