Ganglion Cysts Surgical Photos

Photos of Ganglion Cysts on Wrists

A Ganlia Cyst forming a large bulge near the wrist

Wrist Ganglion 

A cyst being removed from the flesh of a patient

Ganglion Exposed

A wrist where large bumps are being shown with arrows

Wrist Ganglion

A MRI of a cyst

MRI of Ganglion

A large cyst peaking out the external skin of a patient

Cyst before removal

A gigantic white blob cyst removed from a patient

Cyst removed

An image of a hand where the arrow is pointing to the ganglion at the base of the thumb

Ganglion at base of thumb

Retinacular Cyst on Finger

A finger cut open and bone is being revealed

Retinacular Cyst in Bone of Finger

An open image of a finger where a cyst is being cut out and removed

Cyst removed from the A-2 pulley

Mucous Cyst on Thumb

Ganglia Cyst surgery

Thumb With Mucous Cyst

Ganglia Cyst surgery

Cyst Being Dissected

Ganglia Cyst surgery

After Removal of Prominent Bone

Mucous Cyst on Finger

Ganglia Cyst pre-op

Mucous Cyst in Finger Deforming Nail

Ganglia Cyst pre-op

Mucous Cyst

Ganglia Cyst surgery

Surgical Removal of Cyst

Ganglia Cyst surgery

Surgical removal of cyst