Pregnancy-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A high rate of pregnancy-related CTS was highlighted in an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1983, vol 128, indicating that 25% of 1000 consecutive postpartum women experienced CTS during pregnancy; 3/4 of them that experienced this had bilateral symptoms. Half of the multigravidas had had similar symptoms…

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Definitive Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Anyone considering undergoing definitive carpal tunnel release surgery would be well advised to read the article: Touch Allodynia Following Endoscopic or Open Decompression for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Povlsen, Tegnell, Revell and Adolfsson published in The Journal of Hand Surgery, British 1997, volume 22B pp 325-327. They performed a prospective,…

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Greater Risk of Pain and Dysfunction After Open Carpal Tunnel Release

Open Carpal Tunnel Release Can Increase Your Risk of Pain The article so entitled by Boya et al. published in Muscle and Nerve, November 2008, Volume 38, pages 1443-1446, pointed out the frequent postoperative problems after open carpal tunnel release such as persistent weakness, pillar pain (deep-seated ache or pain over…

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